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So, you think you can't draw?

Through all my art experience, I am convinced that drawing and painting is very teachable. I am proof of that because I am no one of special talent. I never went after art with great passion. I was gently guided into an art path, more than being a driven soul. I believe every person is designed by our Creator, Father God, to enjoy doing art. God is creative,

and we were created in His image; therefore, we have the DNA to create art, and music, and build things - even as He does. He creates for the pure enjoyment of the experience, and so, too, are we meant to do the same. Men and women were created that they might have joy, so a scripture verse goes, and in the pure essence of the art experience it is able to bring that to man like nothing else can. 

There is no right or wrong to doing art. Everyone can discover or expand his or her art ability. If there is any blame to be laid, it is that until the last 30 years or so, art fundamentals haven't been basic or fundamental enough to help really give students the skills they need to enjoy the art process and create successful, meaningful work. 

I offer a wide collection of art experiences for individuals and groups: painting parties, family painting projects, and portrait lessons - from toddler to senior adult art classes. My class environment is nonthreatening, noncompetitive, and safe so the student can experiment and explore freely. I let the Holy Spirit guide our minds and hearts in making our art. He brings purpose, emotion, and value to our work. 


It has been proven that learning to draw enhances all other core academics - reading, writing, math, history, science, social studies, etc. Being taught the basics of how to see the world as it is, and draw it realistically, is a discipline that flows into all other subjects. Though doing art is child's play at heart, it is also serious, important business. I believe doing art will help students discover things about themselves that they never realized or could imagine. They may not go very far in art, but doing art will open the mind to consider new paths of exploration unrelated to art itself. It is my hope that more and more adults will have the courage to try the world of doing art, and uncover their hidden and undeveloped gifts. 


I continue my commission work, to demonstrate that there is a market for artwork of all kinds. I draw and paint people, pets, gardens, vacation spots, even replicas of the Masters. I work from photographs, but only for research. Look at my gallery to get a feel for what I may be able to do for you.  

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