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Monet in a Day:


       4-6 hours - $50 per person

       Ages 14 -100+ (Intermediate skill level)


       Required Art Supplies:      

           Medium gray Canson pastel paper

           Set of at least 24 soft pastels, (The more colors the better the result)

           Kneadable eraser

           Soft rag for wiping hands and perhaps blending




Florals and scenes are particularly good subjects for this style of painting and drawing. The impressionist style is generally characterized by building up small overlapping strokes of soft pastels or acrylic paint. The goal was to paint the atmosphere, or very “air” as it were, not just the subject itself. I prefer to use pastels on Canson paper for this technique. Depending on the size of the paper and the intricacy of the image used, the session will take between two and four hours. I have taught this style, having the student turn the image upside down and paint the subject that way. This is to help the student focus only on shapes and direction of the strokes rather than the image itself. The student is stunned at the finished work. Personal photos of places or subjects are excellent resources.

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