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Portrait Drawing Classes - 

            4 - 2-hour weekly sessions - $60


            Required Art Supplies:    


                   Acid-free 9” x 12” sketch pad

                   Graphite pencils, 4H, 2B, 4B, 6B

                   Kneadable eraser

                   White eraser block

                   Blending stumps – assortment 



Portrait drawing requires measuring distances with the eye and pencil to capture an accurate likeness. Facial features are singled out and drawn separately over a space of four weeks. I teach the nose first, then the ear, eyes, and mouth. The process is rather slow and tedious. The man who taught me the technique jokingly called it “exquisite torture”. The end result is stunning and worth the effort and all those I have taught enjoyed to process. I like to teach this method for its value in helping the intermediate student see minute details of the subject which can change the subject’s expression. It is just one way of doing art. You can see the method in my commissioned portraits.


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