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Terra Cotta Colored Pencil:


Prismacolor brand colored pencils are rich and vibrant with a variety of shades in a wide range of color families. One color I call terra cotta is a rusty red color, the same as terra cotta clay pots, hence the name. Colored pencils don’t blend as easily as charcoal, soft pastels, and graphite pencils. The renderings are done by building up the color using light and hard pressure on the pencil.


Since my terra cotta commissions are monochromatic, there is usually less time involved in completing a piece. Prices for 11” x 14”, simple head and shoulders start at $295. Price varies with execution of elaborate jewelry, hands, lace, props, etc. Frames that bring out the warm, earthy tones of the portrait, with accents in black or gold, set off these portraits nicely.

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