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      Arty Dragonfly  (Gigi    

            “His nature and His works unite to make this duty your delight.”                                            “Praise Ye, the Lord” - Hymn by Isaac Watts                                         


Dragonflies show up in my life so often that I think of them as “angels unawares”, for they come and go mysteriously at perfect times when I am seeking God for an answer, need confirmation, I’m weary, or my spirit needs lifting up. I Googled dragonflies to find out what was up with their appearances.

Dragonflies are amazing creatures. Because of their teal green iridescent bodies, 360-degree vision, delicate, gossamer wings, and unique flying actions, many cultures consider them to be symbols of spirituality. For me, the Holy Spirit whooshes in with their entrance. They are large insects and have a long stinger-like body, thus at first, they can look menacing, but they are very harmless and beneficial to humans, eating millions of mosquitoes in their lifetimes. They can hover close, and even fly backwards. They tend to follow people outdoors, seemingly acting curious about them, and watchful for them. Seeing a dragonfly joyfully scoot, hover, and do its aerobatics is delightful, showing me life’s infinite possibilities, and the way I should live.


My website’s first aim was to entice people of all ages to explore doing art, and the dragonfly was my mascot choice. ARTY symbolizes the joy and playfulness in the process of creating art. ARTY symbolizes the Holy Spirit, who dances in my mind and heart, whispering to me to come do art with Him, that there is so much wonderful projects inside me that should/must come forth.


The ability to create art truly is a God given gift. There must be an avid curiosity about putting marks on walls or paper that describes what one sees, and interest in studying paints and media, and experimenting, practicing, and honing one’s skills, to become a really good artist. However, I also believe that doing ART is for everyone. Everyone can do good artwork as a beginner. God is the Master Artist, and we, His sons and daughters, were created in His image, therefore we carry His creative DNA.


So, open the door to ARTY DRAGONFLY and explore your creative side. Great blessings are in store. I hope you will enjoy spending time in my gallery, getting ideas, and encouragement for doing your own painting projects. Check in from time to time to see my latest efforts. I plan to share insights about art in ART THOUGHTS. They aren’t just for artists.

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