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Family Art Experience

2 hour session - $25 per person


Canvas, paints, and brushed are provided


On location or at Arty Dragonfly

According to the preferences of the family, we determine a palette, canvas size, subject matter, and style. The end result is a collection of “masterpieces” that all work together as a unit because of the common color scheme, size and theme.

An image may be selected from Arty Dragonfly Project Examples and I demonstrate the painting stroke by stroke. The results will look similar but unique to each artist. Using the same directions, the family is allowed to interpret the image any way they choose as shown by Jared McGuire and his family. The image which I preselected was an impressionistic cross on a purple background. You see how each family member painted what they wanted and made it unique to them. Jarid even chose to do his piece in landscape orientation rather that portrait. I thoroughly enjoy and encourage self-expression


Consider a subject special to your family, say butterflies for instance, or insects, a pet cat or dog, a tree, a leaf, a mountain scene, or hot air balloons. Photos of the subject are used as reference. In the case of painting a mountain, or tree, the subject may be divided into sections according to the number of artists. Each member paints his or her section and the painting group is displayed together.

Abstract art, using basic drawing elements of line and shape, and a common color palette will produce an interesting group of paintings. Sometimes I will give a set of verbal instructions for the painters to follow. I may, or may not, have an image in mind that I am describing.  The results are often quite abstract and fascinating.

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